Chromium Waste Affects Thousands in Jersey City

Jersey City Chromium Sites

Proposed Class Area Map

Government Studies Report on Damages

Cancer-causing hexavalent chromium was disposed of in Jersey City by Honeywell International, Inc. and PPG Industries for decades.  Health and environmental regulators previously assured Jersey City residents that the chromium in their neighborhoods did not pose a cancer risk.  Recent government studies have:

  • Identified various sites in Jersey City contaminated by hexavalent chromium.
  • Shown a 17% increase in lung cancer among certain Jersey City residents living closest to the sites.
  • Shown that the chromium dust is still found in homes across selected areas of Jersey City.

The residents’ lawsuit seeks damages for devalued properties. Fill out the form below or call 1-877-692-3862 for a free case evaluation if you think you may have been affected.

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